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Mesotherapy and Lipotherapy


Mesotherapy for fat dissolution is a procedure involving multiple tiny injections of medications directly into the fat layers.Problem areas that are desired to reduce fat deposits are the usual targets including abdomen, sides(love handles), thighs, back, knees, neck, fatty deposits under eyes and more.It also used to rejuvenate neck and hands. Mesotherapy, also known in relation to Lipodissolve or Liposculpture are safe,non-surgical alternative to Liposuction and cosmetic abdomen surgery. It is also used to correct irregular countours and tighten skin after liposuction.

The medications that are injected during mesotherapy attack fat cells and also promote production of collagen which improves the elasticity of the skin and makes it feel and look tighter. It also significantly improves the appearance of cellulite!

Los Angeles Mesotherapy can treat cellulite anywhere in the body. Not all patients achieve the same results, but usually there is a noticeable improvement after first treatment. The number and frequency of treatments will be determined upon examination on individual basis.

There is no downtime. Most patients can return to work and regular activitiesimmediately after treatments.

Patients with diabetes, chronic diseases, pregnancy or breastfeeding are not candidates for this procedure.

The side effects include bruising and tenderness in the treated area that usuallydissipates within few weeks.

To find out more about this procedure or non-surgical face lift ,skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments please contact us at (310) 826-1297.


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