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Natural look and feel that lasts and lasts! As we age, our skin reduces production of Hyaluronic acid or HA. The loss of this naturally hydrating substance results in wrinkles and lines.

Our Los Angeles Juvederm facility provides a skin care product containing Hyaluronic acid and by injecting it in the area lacking HA, the wrinkles and folds can be successfully corrected. The advantage of Juvederm vs Restylane or collagen fillers, that it lasts up to one year! The cost is similar to Restylane, about $495.00 per syringe. Juvederm looks more natural then granular dermal fillers because it is compounded as a smooth gel.

This is due to innovative technology called HYLACROSS. Juvederm is the only HA filler that is approved by FDA to last up to 1 year!

When Juvederm was injected in the study group where patients didn't know which product they are getting, 90% of patients chose Juvederm instead of other products. Juvederm has been successfully tested on all skin types. Common side effects with Juvederm are mild to moderate.If you have any concerns, please call the LA Skincare Center immediately for professional advice. Patients that are using medications or herbs that could promote bleeding may experience increased bruising or bleeding at injection site.

The aging process is one that consists of gradual changes to the skin and its underlying foundation. As a result of this natural process, wrinkles along with folds begin to appear, thus weakening your skin, reducing its total volume and taking away from your overall youthful appearance. Los Angeles Juvederm™ was created to directly address and correct these issues.

With the recent advent of the FDA approved injectable gel, Juvederm™, no longer will you have to surrender to the diminishing effects of aging.

Juvederm™ is the latest in dermal filler technology and is introduced in an injectable gel form to immediately repair and rejuvenate volume in problematic areas.

Juvederm™ was developed to provide an effective solution to restore your youthful appearance and combat winkles and nasolabial folds in and around your face. Nasolabial folds are tiny folds or wrinkles that begin from the base of your nose to the edges of your mouth giving what some people may call (parentheses).




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