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Pro Wave Laser Hair Removal


Using the newest FDA approved Laser, we can safely and effectively treat your unwanted hair anywhere on the face or body.The light of the laser penetrates directly into a hair follicle and destroys it so it will not produce hair in the future.

We offer the most groundbeaking innovation in laser hair removal.It is called ProWave! It is safe ,comfortable and effective treatment to acheive permanent hair reduction. It effectively treats any area in just seconds.

No anesthetic creams or pain medications are usually required. The ProWave Laser is different because it delivers a specially designed infrared light to optimize treatments of permanent hair removal goal. The results are fewer treatments and faster delivery of desired optimal performance.

Most common side effects include slight redness and mild sweeling of the treated area.These effects usually dissipate within several hours or less. In rare cases the blistering may occur.

Consult a specialist at LA Skincare Center, a medical corporation at (310) 826-1297 for the benefits and risks of this treatment in your individual case.


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