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Laser Genesis


Laser Genesis is a procedure to treat rednessmanage acne and acne scarsreduce large pores and improve skin texture.

Laser genesis is the most innovative breakthrough and non invasive procedure that provides many benefits beyond the popular Photo Facial.

It delivers a patented technology essential to rejuvenate the skin. Clinical results deliver diminished pore size, reduced acne and rosacea, while improving aging and sun damaged skin. This procedure has been scientifically proven to produce new collagen.

No topical anesthetics are used because this laser procedure is very comfortable.

All skin types can be treated with Laser Genesis, even during summer time!

Every patent's results vary. However, the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic! For more information about your expectations, the number of treatment recommendations, and possible side effects, please consult LA Skincare Center,a medical corporation at (310) 826-1297.

Laser Genesis has received FDA approval for treatment of acne and rosacea!


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