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Titan Laser Treatment


The Los Angeles Titan Laser center is equipped with the latest procedure developed to promote skin rejuvenation and tightening. Titan, as the name implies, “Tightens” the skin using a safe non-surgical method to dramatically improve and restore your skins healthy and youthful appearance

The Titan procedure commonly referred to as a "Non-Surgery Face Lift", is a safe and effective way to cause immediate collagen contraction, resulting in tighter younger looking skin on the face, neck and body. It is also very effective for hands and knees skin rejuvenation. Unlike other skin firming lasers, Titan is painless and requires no downtime. However,some patients feel more comfortable taking a mild pain reliever before procedure. Most patients are candidates for Titan procedure regardless of skin type or age.

Through the use of infrared light, Titan heats what’s called the dermis which resides far below the skins surface. The effect of this heat causes the collagen below your skin to immediately contract. A benefit of Titan is that it promotes new collagen growth resulting in even further tightening of the skin as you progress.

The procedure is completed in a fairy short period of time, usually within one hour, with minimal to no discomfort to the area being treated. Facial and neck regions are the most popular areas for Titan Laser treatment, however the procedure works equally well with other areas of the body.

Along with providing an alternative to a face lift, Titan Laser has also proven to be effective for non-surgical breast lifts. Effects of Titan Laser may be seen as early as a couple weeks however it may take a few months to achieve the desired results. The Titan Laser procedure has been through vigorous clinical trials and has been approved for use for the treatment of wrinkles and to combat the effects of sagging and aging skin.


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